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Hail Caesar!


  • /Commerzbank-1 “Since the Treaty of Ghent 1814, "Great Britain" has been the servant of the Bishop of Rome, the king of kings who rules by God's Law. Hitler was their puppet, the concordat with the Vatican signed by Hitler continues in force as do the Allied Terms of Surrender 1945 to the United States and Great Britain who are under the Pope.”
  • /Luke-20 ‘You look at the evidence, the ruins of the Roman Amphitheatre, the Second Temple of Jerusalem, the temples to Saturn, etc., and fail to see the picture language writing “vengeance is mine” of the LORD, Jesus Christ, who said, “YHVH and I is One”.’


    Fraud by Dual Roman Magistracy
  • Legal Fear Porn ... emails and void documents by Solicitor D. Frame SRA ID# 426799 of Hill and Abbott.

    On 16 Dec 2015, D. Frame saith by email, ‘Finally and for the sake of completeness, please do not forward me any further Court of Record papers as I find their content disturbing and I take offence with them. Any further transgression will be treated as harassment to which I shall exercise my rights accordingly’.

    On 15 May 2016, D. Frame saith by email, On another note, I have collated a large number of court of record documents which I believe are libellous and have forwarded these to our Managing Director to take action. As you are aware, solicitors are entitled to the protection of libellous laws on the grounds of their professionalism and I intend to pursue the matter to the fullest. You should advise your client accordingly that any further references to me shall be viewed accordingly and the appropriate action taken and damages claimed.

  • Retd. Solicitor's notes on the void documents
  • Keison International Limited Company response: “the statutory demand is fundamentally defective and a nullity, as it does not comply with the statutory requirement. ...

    “It is never too late to raise the issue of nullity and a person can ignore the void order or claim and raise it as a defence when necessary (Wandsworth London Borough Council v. Winder [1985] A.C. 461; Smurthwaite v Hannay [1894] A.C. 494; Upjohn LJ in Re Pritchard (deceased) [1963]; Lord Denning in MacFoy v United Africa Co. Ltd. [1961]). ...

    “As it is in the Public Interest to end this abuse of power by Solicitor D. Frame and the use of Chancery Division by powers foreign to the living constitution of Our Sovereign Lady, the living woman known as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we are pursing justice in a Court of Record. Statutory support for a Court of Record can be found in the 1770 Parliamentary Privileges Act, which curbs the abuse of authority by Parliament and the courts.”

    Supreme Court
  • /Supreme-1 In the High Treason investigation of the courts purporting to be managed by U.K. PLC, we wish to know if the noble Lords of Justice operate a 'collective' system of justice, whose fate is tied to the collective cabinet.
  • /Supreme-2 Supreme Court copy of fax to Chancery Division
  • /Supreme-3 Supreme Court copy of High Treason action on file with Queen's Bench
  • /Supreme-4 Supreme Court copy of Lords-4 as sent to House of Lords
    In the matter of Keison International Limited
    In the Matter of The Insolvency Act 1986
  • Chief Registrar Baister: “IT IS ORDERD THAT the said petition be dismissed”.
  • Fax re KIL to Chancery Division
  • KIL proves Fraud by Dual Roman Magistracy & Treason to HMQ. “Doug Frame et al have broken each and every one of the above and are fully accountable under UNITED KINGDOM PLC statutes and the Common Law of England, which is, as is known amongst the cognoscenti, to be based on the Word of God revealed in the King James Bible. ...Mr Justice Morgan, by usurping Her Majesty's authority, doth compass or imagine the death of Her Majesty, which is an overt act of treason under the treason act of 1351 (C2)”.
  • Warrant for Arrest

    These men and women are stripped of all immunity and limitation of liability.

    As this Court of Record is conducting a High Treason investigation, there is no magistrate other than Your Majesty that can grant an injunction in this matter.

  • /soames-1 “Your brother Rupert, is CEO of SERCO ... Those who fail to take action after being informed commit High Treason - this is the meaning of Misprision of Treason”


  • /Cameron-8 “'collective' form of government ... "hang together" ... "Shakespeare is giggling in heaven", says Mahakali enigmatically, "the loo-tenant is at Water-loo"”
  • /Orthodox-Malta “guidance ... Roman Catholic”
  • /SRA “"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers". - Shakespeare”
  • /UN-1 “The credibility of London as a financial and legal centre is now under test with this case”
  • /PIPO “PIPO problem ... pizza in poop out. The Parable of the Apricots. Darwin loves you. Bowie expert.”
  • /raif “Raiffeisen ... prepare your legal team to deal with irate 'elite' customers”
  • /Boris_Steel


  • /Italy-FM “error of judgement”
  • /India-3
  • /HSBC-1 “Exodus 32 tie ... with '32' written as III II in green stripes like Morse Code on the said stripes, the stripes in green bend sinister over black”
  • /ABC-3 “a more rigorous pastoral care”
  • /uscong-2
  • /HSBC-2
  • /Lords-4

Upas tree

  • /timber “/this/ is the axe to chop down the Upas Tree Grove”
  • /Spain-6 “embattled”
  • /rolls “check six”
  • /tax “Taxation is ethics for bimbos”

Brexit .. Funkin Donut

Migrant Christian

  • /incident-399 “Mr. Big”
  • /Pell_relief “proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ”
  • /migrant “Who is Christian? To whom must the gold in trust be 'returned'?”
  • /slovenia-migrant “There *IS* AUTHORITY to *SLAY* you and the occupants of the said offices under Exodus 32”

Bite the Apple?

  • /uscong U.S. Congress, NYC, all U.S. District Courts, all States
  • /FC16_full Financial Cryptography conference FC16 in Barbados
  • /belgium Belgian volcano: “Who is 'Belgium'?”
  • /German-BDI-2 “German male-blood-wurst mind”
  • /German_Nuncio “meet *both* Bishops of Rome”
  • /Boris_German “childish refusal on the part of some to face the reality”
  • /Phone_Snakes “snakes ... "Slay", means, in this context, "kill with a sharp metal blade"”
  • /Peres_money “entrapment-in-progress"”

EU Zoo

  • /EU “oink oink?!”
  • /DHS-2 “burning words of Jesus and Moses”
  • /mental-1 “'MENTAL HEALTH'
  • /viral “follow the worm”
  • /orthodox “serious news”
  • /blood “blood”
  • /Scalia “with Sicilians, blood is always thicker than water, unlike the Brits, the French or the Americans. ALWAYS!”
  • /Lords-2 House of Lords and House of Commons informed.

Turkey stuffing

  • /Turkey-1 “Turkey stuffing! is the process before Christmas dinner, before doing which you must take all its shit out.”
  • /Boris-2 “'uppity' lawyers”

2C or not 2C

  • /Israel-5 “weed the garden”
  • /Spain-5 “The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea ... In a beautiful pea green boat”
  • /HMQ_Swiss “resume his duties”
  • /Lords-1 “2C or not 2C, that is the question”

YHVH Interceeds for the faithful

  • /Israel-2 “The 'sit and wait' snake in London has turned into a 'wait and shit' snake.”
  • /Florence “The dissolution of the corporate beast, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH ...”
  • /Israel-3 “The binding of Isaac”
  • /India_London “Temple economy”
  • /Israel-4 “Jacob”
  • /Law-Bean “flexible noose in Admiralty ... by the grace of Allah, the All Merciful”
  • /Spain-4 “Did He really speak privately with a woman and not openly to us?”

Enter the dragon

    Law Enforcement
  • /DHS-PDF DHS: Department of Homeland Securty. Copied to most U.N. Missions, E.U. 'Monarchs', E.U., banks, U.S. East Coast city & troop level law enforcement, secret services. Threats to start World War III, assasination threats against His Holiness Pope Francis, intimidation of the Pope by denial of information and communication.
  • /Hungary-Police Information for Police force of Hungary, copied to Hungarian Prime Minister and President as well as Danish Police and German 'Interior' Minister. PDF includes update for UK Police Commissioners and how all titles are stripped. No more European 'kings' in 'Disneyland'.
  • /UK-Police HMQ strips all titles. Police to be disarmed. No more fake 'HMRC' courts or judges. “Snake and Rope Trick”. How U.K. Police are the Jesuit Occupation Army whose mission is to obfuscate the Rule of Law, deny justice and asset strip the men, women and children of the British Isles. The same applies to the 'Police' force in your country enforcing the lifeless, dead, 'corporate' Jesuit ‘policy’, language & sexual hijinx .
    Chartered Accountants
  • /QE2-2-PDF [html] Merciful dissolution of ‘banks’ and ‘virtual reality’ markets, creation of real markets for the first time in a century. “Whenever a bank makes a loan, it simultaneously creates a matching deposit in the borrower’s bank account, thereby creating new money.” “When a man or woman uses the services of an accountant he or she gives evidence that he or she is innumerate - a legal idiot.”
  • /USA Mind Map of financial war circa 2008 - 2012. Communism vs Capitalism - entrapment entertainment for weak minds.
    Puppet politicians
    Puppet fascist in Italy shits in his pants; Donald trump speaks free
  • /Salvini-Trump Mr. Salvini - so who is afraid?
    United Kingdom
    The plight of Prime Minister David Cameron
  • /Cameron-4 Tough love for David Cameron. Jesuit Janus. Three holes in one. Missionary position. ‘Defence Chief’.
  • /Cameron-3
  • /Cameron-2
  • /Cameron-1

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